Oxygen: A Lifeguard for Living Organisms

Oxygen is the most vital and essential component on Earth for our existence. Life without oxygen cannot prevail on Earth. It is necessary for living organisms to breathe and survive. Human beings and plants exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide through various metabolic processes and cycles in the atmosphere. It is one of the major components of air and forms the protective layer of our Earth’s atmosphere comprising 21% of its total volume compared to other gases. Its important role in the entity of many life forms elevates its significance on our planet Earth.

Importance of Oxygen on Earth

  • The principle importance of oxygen holds in the fat that it is pivotal for the process of cellular respiration in all aerobic organisms. Aerobic organisms are those which require oxygen for the process of respiration to be completed for their survival.
  • The generation of energy from food is accomplished through the process of respiration which is necessary for the living beings to operate their daily functions. Therefore, it holds paramount importance in the production of energy in our body cells which builds us immunity and helps us to fight from diseases.
  • Oxygen is also used for the process of water treatment, purification of water and chemical combustion. Oxygen generator plants such as Oxymat are being used widely for the waste water treatment. They are cost effective and their energy use is low.
  • Oxygen plays a major role in the diverse range of chemical applications which involves the mass production of several acids such as Sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other organic compounds.
  • Additionally, the importance of oxygen holds much gravity as it is required for the vitality of many patients in hospitals who are suffering from breathing difficulties. It is also used to raise the oxygen levels and eases the burden on the heart.

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